MESSERSÌ PACKAGING, a leading company in the packaging market, established its position into the market with the production of PP and PET strapping band and with a complete range of packaging machines: automatic and semi-automatic strapping machines, wrapping machines, hooding machines, thermo-shrinking system and complete packaging lines.

Over 40 years of product and service quality

Messersì is the partner that comes up with new construction concepts for just the right, most effective, high-performance and sustainable solutions.

Messersì is a byword for the conceptual and cultural innovation of industrial packaging, customized for any production line, any manufacturing and logistic sector, in all time zones, in all continents.

Messersì presents itself to its Customers as a SINGLE POINT OF CONTACT for the supply of machines and/or automatic packing, handling, storage and logistics systems for the Ceramic industry. The whole process is managed in-house, from the OFFER to the DESIGN stage, from PRODUCTION to INSTALLATION. 
The sales network and the Technical Assistance Service are able to operate worldwide ensuring customer's success.


  • Customization
  • Sustainability
  • Quality
  • Technology
  • Flexibility
  • Customer care

Systems for all types of manufacturing, logistics and supply chains, machines and lines that complete the end-of-line functions – packaging and storage.